Birds, fish, dogs, cats, reptiles, insects, and all other non-human organisms may be kept as pets only, and shall not be held or offered for sale or maintained or bred for any commercial use. Livestock, including but not limited to, horses, cattle, poultry, and pigs, specifically are not allowed as permitted animals. Animals shall be sheltered inside swellings and the total number of animals per dwelling shall be limited to three. No separate or exterior shelter for animals shall be permitted. All animals must be kept in a fully fenced area or leashed when outside and shall not be permitted to run loose. no animals shall be permitted to remain on the property If they disturb the tranquility of the property or the owners or tenants thereof, if they are unlawful, dangerous, annoying, or a nuisance to or destructive of wildlife, or if they are specifically excluded from the property by the board after notice and hearing. 

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